Canadian Apps Now Highlighted in the App Store

Canadian Apps Now Highlighted in the App Store

There is no question that Canadians love their iOS apps, but did you know that there are a goodly number of apps just for Canadians? Yes, I’m sure you did. From the CBC to a Timmy’s finder, even Hockey Night in Canada and the award-winning NFB Canadians have some great apps to choose from. The problem has been that it wasn’t easy to find them. Now there’s an app (section) for that.

If open up iTunes and go over to the App Store look over on the right-hand side and you’ll see the link.

Or you might not, it’s a tad subtle:

There, see it? Cool. Now for the apps I’ve tried:

Kobo, CBC Radio, NFB

Fine, not much, but I’m going to load up:

TimmyMe, Globe an Mail, Canucks (duh), my Starbucks Canada, CBC Hockey, and Maple Pictures

If you use TD or CIBC as your bank, there’s an app for that. If you fly Air Canada a lot, there’s an app for that.

They are missing Vancouver’s Translink app (which was also made in Vancouver), but since the app needs some updating, I can understand why Apple left it off the list.

Now, it’s your turn…what Canadian apps would you have Apple add?

And better…

Canadian app makers, I want to hear about your apps! Doesn’t matter if they are “Canadian” or not, if they are made in Canada, let me know! Email me at tris [at] and let’s chat about your app!

Hat tip to iPhoneCanada

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