Welcome to The Next Web Canada

Welcome to The Next Web Canada

Hi, and welcome to The Next Web Canada, part of the ever-growing and ever-more popular The Next Web network of global tech blogs.

The Next Web Canada is a technology news, review and analysis site with a focus on startups and Internet companies related to Canada.

That might include a local startup taking the plunge in Toronto, a Canadian making waves overseas or even big players doing their thing in Canada. If it’s to do with technology and Canada then we’re on it.

All over Canada and the world there are bright Canadians continuing the Canadian legacy of innovation and excellence in the technology industry. Some are just starting off, others have been at it for a while, many have been successful. We want to let the world know more about them.

As long as you’re doing something interesting in technology that’s related to Canada you have a good chance of being covered here. If you think that’s you, or if you have a tip or news, then drop me an email and I’ll get onto it.

We’re also looking for contributors, so if you’re keen to start writing for The Next Web Canada email me and we’ll have a chat.

Other than that, make sure you subscribe to our Twitter and RSS feed to get all the latest news as soon as it happens!

Looking forward to keeping you informed and entertained,

Tris Hussey
[email protected]

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