The ultimate business administration bundle: 9 courses for $49

The ultimate business administration bundle: 9 courses for $49

There are many methods by which to develop business skills, but it takes the right tools to build a strong foundation. Establish a razor’s edge in business skills with Skillsology’s nine-course Ultimate Business Administration Bundle, offering an ironclad foundation in business administration for just $49 on TNW Deals.

Each of the included courses features engagingly written text-based articles, a series of practical exercises, videos tutorials, end of unit quizzes and a multiple-choice test to benchmark and measure your progress. You’ll learn from expert lesson authors with lengthy experience in training professionals, building toward certificates of attainment and test certificates throughout the courses.

Courses include: Effective Outlook, Word, Project Management, SharePoint, Account & Bookkeeping, PowerPoint, Payroll, Excel & Critical Thinking. With 24/7 access to content, you’ll learn at your own pace as you develop the best strategies for problem solving and critical thinking with a firm base of business skills.

Get the Ultimate Business Administration Bundle now at 91 percent off from TNW Deals.

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Bonus Deal: Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Bundle

While most of us have a rudimentary understanding of Excel, moving beyond expense reports and household budgets can be seriously daunting.

With the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Bundle you’ll establish resourceful Excel mastery, learning to seamlessly navigate the software through 55 beginner tutorials totalling only $19 from TNW Deals. The courses will instruct you on everything from spreadsheet terminology to how to insert graphics and charts, as you discover how to fully utilize the most widespread spreadsheet software in the world.

From there you’ll move on to more advanced techniques, moving through the 33 intermediate-to-advanced tutorials at your own pace as you learn to manage workbooks, calculate investments, troubleshoot, and simplify your workload through task automation.

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