Future Aerial’s platform lets businesses book a fleet of drones on-demand

Future Aerial’s platform lets businesses book a fleet of drones on-demand
Credit: Future Aerial

While drones can be a whole lot of fun (and a genuine hazard if incorrectly piloted), they pose a lot more potential for businesses than individual users.

Booking a pilot and drone isn’t necessarily a straightforward operation for a business though. There are platforms like Droners that let you book an operator, but if you’re a national (or international) company with wide-ranging projects (councils, businesses surveying and inspecting assets like mines, infrastructure and power utilities etc.) booking individual pilots in different areas through different platforms is an expensive and time-intensive process.

Future Aerial claims to have solved this problem with the official launch of its ‘Drone Operations Network (DON),’ which allows for as many or few drones to be summoned up as is required.


In essence, it’s aimed at exactly those business customers that other platforms find hard to accommodate and has a standardized platform for feeding back captured data for later analysis.

On the operator side of things, if you’re interested in piloting for the company, you’ll need to have all your paperwork in order. The end of the application process also includes uploading flight data to the company servers for analysis to ensure it’s consistent with what would be expected of a competent pilot.

For Future Aerial’s customers, the company says it’s a simple way to book large-scale drone operations. Probably best not to call them up enquiring about providing footage of your child’s birthday party though.

Future Aerial

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