OfficeSuite Professional: the complete business tool for mobiles

OfficeSuite Professional: the complete business tool for mobiles

Ah, the office. It’s changed a bit since the days of square foam ceiling tiles and dull grey room dividers. The technology has changed a bit, too. When it comes to business, we no longer need desk-anchored machines to do our bidding.

Thanks to apps like OfficeSuite Professional by MobiSystems, we can do everything we’d normally need a PC for, on the go. Available on Android and iOS devices, the app features a word processor, a spreadsheet creator, a presentation tool, and even a PDF viewer and converter.


You can easily open, view, edit and create bread-and-butter Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and, heck, any other document suffix you care to throw at. No more worrying about outdated and obscure file formats.

There’s even an integrated file manager so you can work with files from FTP servers and Samba networks, not to mention cloud systems such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive alongside SugarSync for Android users and iCloud for iOS users. You can say goodbye to locked file cabinets, as it also has support for Citrix, SECTOR, and MobileIron security containers.

With Share Cast, you can cast your presentation to multiple Android devices on the same network, letting users follow along – even if they’re not in the same room. This way, Bob from upper management – who’s late to every presentation – won’t have to ruin yours.

It’s also the number one app in GooglePlay’s Business category thanks to an extra 50 million downloads. So the next time you’re editing and collaborating using little more than an Android device, spare a thought for those guys stuck in the offices of 1993.

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