Doing business at The Next Web Conference; Investors meet Europe’s most talented Startups

Doing business at The Next Web Conference; Investors meet Europe’s most talented Startups

One of the main drivers of attending any conference are the people that are attending. Meeting someone face-to-face makes a big difference and a conference helps you to meet many people in a short period of time. Well that is at least if it is a good conference (like TNW).


Take this example: You’re an investor and constantly searching for potential startups and teams to invest in. You get a 1000 business plans per year on your desk. Scanning those opportunities is not only very time consuming, but also very inefficient. Many startups seem interesting on paper, but the team behind it is the most interesting aspect to you. So you need to meet them anyway. All these meetings take a lot of time. Why not put all those meeting in 2 days at a conference?

Same goes for startups that are looking for investment, it makes sense to meet multiple investors in person at one place.

Networking and bringing people together for (future)business is one of the main things we enable during The Next Web Conference. In our case, for startups and investors we’ve scheduled a special coffee meeting on Thursday for startups and VC’s only (this doesn’t coincide with other conference content).
The meeting is called “Lets talk business” and lasts 45 minutes. The idea is to meet multiple startups/investors in 45 minutes. Short talks, long enough to gain interest for a follow up appointment later on in the day, but short enough to make sure you don’t get stuck on one person that might not be in your interest at that point.

Hey, and we happen to have the coolest startups, the most talented teams and VC investors from all over Europe at our conference. Coincidence…

The deal:
The Next Web ConferenceSo if you want to join this session sign up here. The first 10 startups and investors get 42% discount on a conference pass (550 in stead of 999). Normal tickets sell at 35% discount at the moment.

The Next Web Conference is the place where the international Internet scene comes together for inspiration, business and fun.

See you in April in Amsterdam, see you at The Next Web.

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