Online Check-in Voted ‘Business Travel Innovation of the Decade’

Online Check-in Voted ‘Business Travel Innovation of the Decade’

angry_computer_guyBrushing aside GPS, online travel booking, Wifi, notebooks, TripAdvisor and online maps, it’s “online check-in” that has been voted the best business travel in a survey of 2,400 business travellers by the Business Travel & Meetings Show

That said, nothing has helped shorten wait times at airports like the ability to bypass lines at the ticket counter by checking in for your flight on the Internet and printing your boarding pass at home.

Travelers who completed the survey also did mention that you still have to deal with security lines, but at least “you can get ahead of everyone who didn’t go online before leaving for the airport.” Another plus: You can go on the airline’s Web site to select or change your seat “right when the exit-row and bulkhead seats open up.”

Also highly rated was the Eurostar(!), launched in 1994…surprised? Yeah, so am I.

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