Cardxc: not an alternative to Business Cards?

Cardxc: not an alternative to Business Cards?

illustrationThere must be dozens of virtual business card generators online and I tried out plenty of them. Somehow I just don’t see that ever taking off.

The sole purpose of an analog business card is to save people the trouble of having to write down your name and address details when you meet. An online business card does not help with that. It requires the other party to remember, or write down, the url to your virtual business card.

Yeah, unless you print it on a card which would defeat the whole purpose wouldn’t it?

A serious alternative to paper business cards these virtual business cards services are not. So maybe they should merely be seen as an alternative to online profiles? Instead of a blog, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page you set-up a digital business card? Well, that might work for a tiny percentage of people but the benefit of setting up a Facebook page compared to a digital business card are so great that I would never recommend it to anyone.

Jakarta (Indonesia) based clearly disagrees. They have launched (in beta) an impressive system where you can edit, design, print and share online business cards. If you manage to look beyond the weird language (“See how everybody have creatively create their online business card”) you will find a well put together site with some impressive design tools.

Check out the video for a quick demo:

As you will see the developers at spent a LOT of time on this. The editing tools are very intuitive and easy to use. The site looks slick enough and I actually enjoyed playing with their business card generator.

But playing around with their excellent tools for a while and browsing some of the published cards did not cure my pessimism. If you need a business card, get a business card. If you want an online presence, get a LinkedIn profile or a blog.

Don’t agree? Generate your digital business card and let me know how you are planning on using it.

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