Small businesses save more money using Twitter

Small businesses save more money using Twitter
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The Financial Times reports that small businesses are making better use of Twitter than larger corporations, with just 19 of the UK’s top 100 technology companies using Twitter. By comparison, in the US all the top technology companies use the service for marketing or recruitment purposes.

The data comes from reports commissioned by ntl:Telewest, a division of Virign Media and by O2, a division of Telefonica. The O2 survey shows that 16 per cent of the 500 businesses surveyed said they had saved more than £5,000 on marketing and recruitment costs, while almost a third had saved more than £1,000 since joining Twitter.

Hitwise, a division of Experian which tracks web audiences, said Twitter entered the UK’s top 100 websites in March, and is now ranking at 44, competing well with popular newspaper sites.

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