‘Dashboard’ a Small Business CRM that rivals the Best of Them

‘Dashboard’ a Small Business CRM that rivals the Best of Them


Today we’d like to introduce to an interesting new CRM web application called Dashboard.

Dashboard joins an increasingly populated market of small business CRM apps including our favorites Tactile CRM, Highrise, Batchbook and PipelineDeals.

The reason why I thought this was a worthwhile mention? Primarily because I’m a sucker for a clean UI, but more importantly because it’s seems to focus on the absolute basics: converting leads to deals.

With just four main sections (dashboard, to-do’s, leads, deals) to the application, Dashboard appears to take the 37signals mentality one step further by making things ultra-clear and ultra-simple. To make the most of the tool, add your various leads, assign the todo’s required to each of them to convert them to ‘make things happen’ and once you’ve sealed the deal – convert them into “deals”.

As you would expect, each lead or deal can have notes attached to them, to-do’s and documents. There is a decent search facility which organises your searches by to-do’s, leads and deals.

There are other limitations, the most obvious being you can currently only add leads into the app manually or via CSV file, undoubtedly, other methods (email!) should be added shortly. There are minor bugs and the app cannot currently compete with the features other established players bring, however the app is free and looks to be so for the foreseeable future whilst new features and functionality are added. If you love your apps clean and simple, this is a must try.

via Carlos Granier-Phelps in The Apps Room on Friendfeed.

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