24 Hour Business Camp: Do you rather listen to blogs or Veronica Maggio?

24 Hour Business Camp: Do you rather listen to blogs or Veronica Maggio?

I’ve warned you two weeks ago. An avalanche of new Swedish start-ups made it to the web. Last weekend, 90 Swedish Internet entrepreneurs combined forces for 24 hours to produce 52 new web services during the 24 Hour Business Camp. Well, they succeeded. And now it’s up to us to choose a winner.

The choice is very diverse. You can vote for an interactive website where you can share your best children quotes and turn them into books, t-shirts and gifts. Or do you prefer a crowdsourced t-shirt shop that only delivers limited edition collections? If you’re looking for a job close to home, then head to Jobbkartan.se (“the job map”). It’s a search engine that lets you search for jobs based on their geographical location.


I’m still in doubt which brand-new start-up will get my votes. There’s Listentoblogs.com, a service build by the guys behind SoundCloud. On this well-designed site, you can listen to your favorite blogs, or turn any blog into a podcast using your own voice. Listentoblogs.com is well-designed and based on open standards like AppEngine, SoundCloud, and Twingly.

YouTV.se - TV 2.0

Veronica Maggio

On the other hand, YouTV.se introduced me to Veronica Maggio – a drop dead gorgeous Swedish pop star. Her video is featured in The Forfest Channel. Me discovering her is exactly what the founders wanted, as they want to bring back the laid back and random way of watching television. But then on the interwebs. Also pretty cool.

Check the other nominees here and cast your five votes.

KillerStartUps.com, are you paying attention? You’ve got a lot of reviewing to do.

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