How Augmented Reality glasses could transform engineering [Video]

How Augmented Reality glasses could transform engineering [Video]

Remember the great Augmented Reality guide to changing printer ink that we brought you recently? Well, a new partnership between German AR specialists Metaio and video headwear manufacturer Vuzix highlights how the technology could become far more than a gimmick for businesses that rely on precision engineering.

Metaio and Vuzix are to work together on a non-exclusive basis to target Head Mounted Display (HMD) solutions to businesses in areas such as marketing and advertising; assembly; maintenance; on-site and on the factory floor problem solving; training and education, and entertainment.

Taking the printer example into a more intricate area, the (silent) video below demonstrates how such headgear could be used to assist a worker assembling a car door. Skip to 47 seconds in to see his view, with step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

Exciting stuff, and it’s good to see that Augmented Reality is avoiding the “fad” fate that could have befallen it.

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