Create your own Augmented Reality with AugmentThis

Create your own Augmented Reality with AugmentThis

AugmentThis!There’s no doubt that Augmented Reality is hot right now. Seeing the world ‘through online eyes’ with your phone’s camera is becoming increasingly popular with new apps arriving every few days.

If you’re not a programmer the idea of developing your own Augmented Reality apps might seem too complicated to bother with, but did you know you could create your own AR views without any technical knowledge at all?

AugmentThis! is an Android app that allows you to upload the data you want to include and then builds the data into a fully functioning Augmented Reality view to share with others.

You can build your data using an app like My Tracks to create a KML file that records all the map points and placemarks you want to include. After uploading the file to the AugmentThis! server a touch of the ‘Augment’ button renders your data in an AR view.

At present AugmentThis! is still a work in progress, with a bare-bones website that’s not exactly welcoming to novice users. That said, with a bit a perseverance it looks like you’ll be creating your own Augemented Reality in no time.


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