Think it all happens in Silicon Valley? You’re wrong! – myTVR

Think it all happens in Silicon Valley? You’re wrong! – myTVR

Australia; it’s not just about sandy beaches, beers and bbqs, Melbourne (and Sydney) have thriving digital and tech communities and this month, entrepreneur and technology journalist Hermione Way and her team at Techflufftv will be exploring the startup scene interviewing the hottest startups for The Next Web Australia’s Melbourne Silicon Beach Series.

Sponsored by Kodak, Silicon Beach Australia and The Next Web, decided to delve a little deeper into Melbourne’s startup scene and video interviewed ten of these companies.

For our last interview we caught up with Michael Carew from myTVR. Michael talked to us about the importance of knowing their revenue model early as well as identifying the biggest issues the myTVR team are facing and how they’re able to tackle them as a Melbourne startup.

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