Eventarc releases numbers – shows it’s a growing force in online ticketing

Eventarc releases numbers – shows it’s a growing force in online ticketing

Online ticketing startup Eventarc announced today that it has processed over $3.5 million worth of tickets, donations and merchandise since launch late last year.

While the number is small in comparison to market leaders in the space like EventBrite, which did around $100 Million in 2009, and the low margins of the business mean that profit was probably quite low,  it’s still an excellent start for the business.

Add to that the fact that they’ve been focused on Australia and its relatively small population so far, and its clear that Eventarc is well positioned to grow strongly over the coming years as it expands its geographic coverage.

For those unfamiliar with the startup from Melbourne, Australia, Eventarc is a new entrant to the online ticketing and event registration market, having launched their self-service model in November 2009.

Co-founder Scott Handsaker explains why he believes Eventarc’s focus on simplifying the registration and selling process is key to their success:.

“Providing a really great interface to what is a deceptively complex process is difficult, but if you get it right then you go a long way to delivering a truly outstanding customer experience. Where Eventarc get it right is that we put the registration page at the heart of the experience. Customers can watch their page develop as they build it. Adding custom fields is exceptionally easy and intuitive, while enhancing the look and feel of the page is a snap”.

Since launch, Eventarc has been busy adding new features and looking for new market partnerships.

It recently integrated with PayPal, one of the first startups in Australia to use the new adaptive payments module and next month will be expanding into the US, including partnering with New York based animal welfare organisation the ASPCA.The Eventarc technology will provide the platform for an innovative new virtual fundraising project for the ASPCA, including full social media integration.

When I first wrote about Eventarc I secretly thought it would be tough for them to do well in what was, by Internet standards, a fairly mature industry.  Seems like they might just have proved me wrong…

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