Facebook bans image of nipples…on a doll?!?

Facebook bans image of nipples…on a doll?!?

A Sydney jeweller has received threats of action from Facebook for posting images of a doll with nipples on her Facebook page, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Over the weekend, jeweller Victoria Buckley, who runs a jewellery store in the exclusive Strand Arcade in the centre of Sydney, received 6 warning notices from Facebook stating that the image of the doll on her Facebook page constituted “inappropriate content” and that if she didn’t remove it Facebook would.

It’s not the first time there’s been outrage over Facebook’s breast policy – they recently banned images of women breast-feeding and of a woman with mastectomy scars but, come on…a small porcelain doll?

As you can see from the picture above, Buckley has since modified the image in question to black out the nipples. Below is the original image.

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