CeBIT Appciety Award Winners Announced

CeBIT Appciety Award Winners Announced

The winners from Appciety, an app competition run at this year’s CeBIT Sydney, have been announced.

As explained in an earlier post we ran, the point of the competition was to start highlighting Aussie built apps that are part of the changing web/mobile landscape.

A wide range of apps submitted with the following 3 winners (with their own descriptions included below) announced :


A website wireframing software for web developers and their clients. Rapidly develop interactive wireframes to share with your clients instantly.

Centralise feedback, avoid confusion, keep it real and get understanding and feedback in a fraction of the time.

Foremans mate

It’s a mobile software tool for the wider building and construction market (general contractors, mining, heavy infrastructure). It is a mobile platform designed to keep the guys on site and productive. We are currently offering two modules, safety, and plans/drawings. Safety allows you to photograph, record, and action issues, as well as conduct site audits. The drawings module allows you to keep all the plans up-to-date and accessible straight from the phone.


Using iPOWOW on your video gives you the power to directly ‘ask’ your audience what they think. You discover their emotional responses to what you’re saying…  Instantly.

Congratulations to all the startups that submitted and to Gilad and the CeBIT team for making it happen. I’m looking forward to seeing what Aussie App developers can produce for next year’s awards.

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