iClothing – Kangaroo styling for iPad owners everywhere

iClothing – Kangaroo styling for iPad owners everywhere

OK – so it had to happen – whenever a revolutionary bit of technology is dropped on the public there are people out there trying to come up with new ways of transporting it.

Some good. Some not so.

Enter iClothing –  a new site from Australia that is selling iPad compatible clothes – by that I mean t-shirts and dresses with oversized, padded pockets built in, perfect for carrying around your favourite kind-of -A4-sized bit of technology.

Drawing local inspiration from the Kangaroo, the iTee and the iDress put those massive pockets in the front of the clothing so, depending on who your audience is,  you can either look like like a kid trying to steal something or an early-adopter of the latest bit of sexy Apple kit.

I’ve always said I don’t make fashion, I just try to follow it, so maybe this thing is fashion forward and I don’t know it yet.

What do you think – fashion hit or miss?

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