15 year old tech entrepreneur does it again, launches iPad Case Finder site

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I love this kid.

A little while ago I posted a story about Cardnap, a secondary market for gift cards and its 15 year old founder, Lachy Groom, from Perth, Australia.

While Cardnap continues to grow around the world, Groom has started on a side project (his 4th startup, mind you) named iPad Case Finder.

The premise is simple – provide a site with the sole purpose of helping you find the perfect iPad case.

The site hosts a wide range of cases  (there are 85 listed already) with detailed info about each one and links to where you can buy them.

I spoke to Groom brieflyabout his new project and this is what he had to say about the reasons he started the site:

“Basically, I had an iPad and my friend smashed the screen (accidentally). And that weekend my dad told me I should start making some passive income. So I set it up in a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. From that I’ve been promoting it and adding features like crazy.”

Haha…Dad said I should earn some passive income so I built a site one afternoon that leverages a hot trend, has a business model and has received 400,000 hits in a few weeks…nice.

While Groom’s not forthcoming with how much, if any, money the site has made, that’s not really the point here.

There’s an audience, people who want to pay to feature their products and the obvious affiliate link fees – so it shouldn’t be too long before that passive income starts rolling in, if it hasn’t already.

Lachy is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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