Australian Grannies Reveal Their Government Internet Filter Hacking Secrets

Australian Grannies Reveal Their Government Internet Filter Hacking Secrets

If you can’t beat ‘em, bypass ’em.

That’s the latest solution the local community has developed to counter the Australian Government’s mandatory ISP-level internet filtering plans.

It started with an odd combination of pro-Euthanasia group Exit International, headed by the well-known euthanasia advocate Philip Nitchske, and the Pirate Party of Australia, giving senior citizens classes on how to bypass the Internet Filter.

Now Computer World has released the  20-slide powerpoint deck that’s been used in those classes.

It briefly explains how the Internet works, how the filter works and how to bypass it if/when it’s implemented.

OK, before you jump across there and look for new techniques, I have to admit I may have talked the whole hacking thing up a little.

I mean, there’s nothing that complicated about the method – it essentially says use a proxy – but the idea of grannies sitting there teaching each other how to“hack the filter” will give me something to smile about over the weekend.

It should also give the Australian Government something to think about.

Looks like all the filter is going to succeed in doing is to create massive demand for proxy services in Australia.

Still worth doing Senator Conroy?

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