Melbourne puts together a kick-ass list of startups

Melbourne puts together a kick-ass list of startups

I’m accused from time to time of only focusing on Sydney startups in my coverage of the Aussie tech startup industry.

Those accusations aren’t really accurate, but anyway… let them stop today!  :)

Thanks to a heads-up from @rosshill I checked out a list of “Awesome Melbourne Tech Startups” composed by Ned Dwyer, today, and was really pleased with what I saw.

Some of the startups, like Acconex, Adioso, 99 Designs, BinaryPlex, Red Bubble, Rentoid and Retail Me Not, I’ve covered in the past

Some like Skitch, I’ve loved but had no idea were from Australia, let alone Melbourne.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic list put together by Ned and proves (if it needed proving) that there are great things coming out of Melbourne.

So please, go check it out, visit the startups on the list and, if you’re in Melbourne and working on a startup, get your startup’s name added to those already there.

I’ll be going through the list myself and covering some of the more interesting projects in a little more depth.

In the meantime though, if you’re in Melbourne and have something interesting going on with your startup, make sure you drop me an email (kim at or ping me on @kimheras.

I really am keen to cover as many startups from all over the country, as possible.

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