Developer Conference Success Further Proof of Nokia’s Market Strength

Developer Conference Success Further Proof of Nokia’s Market Strength

nokiaInteresting to see the success of the recent Nokia Developer Conference held in Sydney yesterday.

While all the talk these days seems to be around the Apple/Windows/Google App Stores, and additional competition coming from the Palm and Blackberry stores, it’s amazing that over 300 developers and content providers attended the event.

From my experience that’s a massive turnout for any tech event in Sydney, even moreso when you consider the specific nature of the content.

According to managing director of Nokia Australia and New Zealand, Emile Baak, the Australian Ovi Store is in the top 15 worldwide, so you’d expect an OK turnout, but still it’s got to be great news for Nokia – to know that there’s a strong community of people who recognise that Nokia mobile devices still present an excellent market to target their content/apps to.

Add to that the info provided by Distimo just a couple of weeks ago which shows that the Ovi Store is the 3rd largest app store and has the highest percentage of paid apps (85%) and you start to realise that the Ovi store is no joke.

Some of you will already know this. My apologies for coming to the party late. Still, I think that many of you will be surprised to hear how well Nokia is doing.

On top of that, with the impending release of the N900, Nokia’s first Linux-based phone, you’d think that their development community is only going to get larger in size.


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