Manage Who You Follow On Twitter Easily with ManageTwitter

Manage Who You Follow On Twitter Easily with ManageTwitter

manageAustralian startup Melon Media has released what is probably the easiest tool currently available for managing twitter accounts you follow.

Rather practically, if unimaginatively, called Manage Twitter the site does exactly what it promises in the page title “fast and easy unfollowing”.

There are a few different variables for unfollowing:

– Those who don’t follow you back
– Those who aren’t active (haven’t tweeted in the past month)
– Those that don’t tweet often
– Those that tweet  too often

And if you don’t like any of those variables you can just go through your whole list and unfollow accounts in bulk with the press of one button.

One thing though – if the idea of easy unfollowing is attractive to you, you better act quickly.

Other sites that have provided similar services have been given cease and desist notices from Twitter for breaches of their Automation Rules and Best Practices, so ManageTwitter might not be around for much longer.

The site is another great tool from Melon Media, who have been providing useful services startups can take advantage of for free, for a while now.

Those services include Melon Stork, a spam rating tool for emails and, a tool which helps find spelling mistakes in website text.

Hopefully ManageTwitter will remain a part of these services for a little while, or until I can get all my unfollowing done.

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