YouMe Goes All In With Poker

YouMe Goes All In With Poker

tableRemember, YouMe, the “pay and control another person to do stuff for you” startup I wrote about a few weeks back.

Well founder Dominic Holland is going to great pains to try and show the many and varied use cases for the system. The latest is YouMe Poker.

The idea is simple, you buy in to the game and remotely control someone who is sitting at a real life poker table. OK, so it’s a little lame and, to be honest, I don’t know why you’d do that rather than just playing online with an avatar – but hey, I bet it’ll be fun (as long as your Me has a decent poker face…)

There are probably a bunch of better use cases for the technology (if you remember in the original article I wrote, I consider it a foreshadowing of the future of labour) but for now, online poker will have to do.

You can check out all the details and even jump in on the game, here.

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