Subscribe-HR Closes Angel Round, Continues Innovating in the HR Space

Subscribe-HR Closes Angel Round, Continues Innovating in the HR Space

SaaS Human Resources service provider, Subscribe HR, has closed an angel funding round from a number of private investors in Australia and abroad.

At $500K, the deal will allow the team to continue their push into providing innovative, online HR solution both locally and internationally. That international push kicked off earlier this year when they partnered with Asian technology consultants BPlats to distribute their service throughout Japan and China.

Subscribe-HR was founded in 2007 and has its head office located in Sydney, Australia. The company is a fast growing Recruitment and HR SaaS provider focused on delivering “New Generation Workforce Management solutions that embrace the power and flexibility of the Internet.”

The Subscribe-HR platform, allows customers to easily access, configure and deploy the latest Workforce manage tools without having to pay the massive costs associated with integrating most enterprise grade HR systems.

On top of providing  the many and varied tools that are needed for the HR function of most businesses, Subscribe is working hard to drive innovation in the space. That includes things like integrating their service with Carbon Planet, allowing businesses to calculate their Workforce Carbon-Footprint in real-time, as well as other planned cutting edge workforce management tools such as Workforce Planning using google maps.

 Subscribe HR’s long-term plan according to Sales and Marketing manager, Matthew French?

“We want to do for the HR market what Salesforce did for the CRM space.”

It’s a big goal, but one that Subscribe is well positioned to have a decent crack at.

I mean, any company that can help Australian businesses make sense of the convoluted web of state and federal workplace laws can surely help businesses in other parts of the world where labour laws are far simpler.

You can find out more about Subscribe HR by visiting their website.


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