Ankoder Powers Vodafone Ireland Street-Casting Campaign

Ankoder Powers Vodafone Ireland Street-Casting Campaign

VentureBeat picked up on a story last week about Irish startup ZozzyTV partnering with Vodafone to run a fun street-casting promotion over the holiday season. They actually called it “the best interactive outdoor holiday campaign”.

The plan is simple, put massive LCD screens up in busy sections of Grafton Street, Henry Street, and Temple Bar in Dublin and allow people to a submit video and have it played to  some of the more than 150,000 pedestrians who walk by daily.

The best bit? If users are in the vicinity they can request their video via text message and it will be played within the hour. Nice way to get people to a specified location and to have them hang around for a bit.

What VentureBeat didn’t mention, however, is that ZozzyTV’s user-generated videos are handled by Aussie startup Ankoder and their video encoding API and libraries.

Ankoder founder Rex Chung and his team have developed a video conversion web service which allows developers to easily integrate user generated video functionality into their website. Built on top of Amazon’s S3 and EC2 Web Services the Ankoder website promises scalability and robustness.

The success of the ZozzyTV campaign  is proof  they haven’t been telling fibs.

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