Regator Pro iPhone App To Launch “Any Day”

Regator Pro iPhone App To Launch “Any Day”

Regator, the super popular blog directory and feed reader, is launching a pro version of their iPhone app.

Australian co-founders, Scott Lockhart and Kimberley Turner, say the app is currently in the Apple approval process but  ” is expected to be approved any day”.

The new Regator Pro will be priced at $2.99 (USD) with a five-day launch sale price of $1.99.

It includes all the features of the free version (see below) but also gives users the ability to personalize their experience by saving their favourite blogs, topics, and posts for fast, easy access. In addition, this premium version supports in-app video viewing and adds popular features such as Blog Monitor and Related Posts.

Both the light and premium versions allow users to:

  • Browse posts from more than 500 topics as diverse as beekeeping, geology, indie music, pop culture, job hunting, or basketball.
  • Search Regator’s archive of over four million high-quality posts.
  • See real-time trends to get an up-to-the-minute, spam-free look at exactly what bloggers in any niche are writing about right now.
  • View the most popular blog posts on your favourite topic.
  • Keep up with the newest blog posts, updated every few seconds.
  • Read the full text of posts on the original source blog.
  • Share posts via email, Facebook, or Twitter

It’s great to see a blog aggregating startup trying to monetise through adding value rather than plonking advertising between content. It’s also great to see them so heavily focused on ensuring the original content providers get as much traffic returned to them as possible

No doubt these are just two reasons why Regator has been, and will continue to be, so successful.

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