Startup Barcamp Sydney – This Saturday.

Startup Barcamp Sydney – This Saturday.

Just got word from the good people organising the event, that the next BarCamp Sydney is on this Saturday.

This is will be a special startup-themed BarCamp held to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week. As such, it will be an excellent opportunity for startups to discuss new industry ideas and trends, or for anyone with interest in entrepreneurship to check out the Sydney startup scene.

For those who aren’t familiar with the format of the day, a BarCamp is an unconference.

An unconference is an ad-hoc conference, unorganised, unrestricted, unpredictable. The schedule consists of a large piece of paper on which you write in your name if you want to host a session. Campers will turn up to whatever sounds interesting. Sessions might be presentations, discussions, debates, games, … whatever you want. You’re strongly encouraged to present (it’s fun!)

I’ve been to almost every BarCamp Sydney, and reported on BarCamp’s from around the country, and every time the consensus is the event is fun and valuable.

The special focus on Startups should make this one even more so, so it will definitely be worth checking out if you have the time.

High level info is:

What: A mini-barcamp for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009
When: Saturday 21st November 2009
Where: ATP Innovations, Australian Technology Park, Redfern –
Time: 10am-5pm
Theme: Startups

For more detailed info check out the Startup Barcamp page on Startup Australia

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