Shmotter Looking To Take Virtual Fashion Styling To The Next Level

Shmotter Looking To Take Virtual Fashion Styling To The Next Level

Shmotter, a Melbourne-based start-up, is looking to take on the world of virtual fashion styling by helping wanna-be Rachel Zoe’s perfect their look for the day without having to put a single thing on.

The site allows users to select clothes from their large catalogue, mix and match them with accessories, create outfits and collages, then post those up on the site for discussion and rating.

If you’re thinking that sounds like the leading site in the space, Polyvore, then you’d be right. Shmotter takes it to another level, though, by allowing users to scan in and upload their own clothes, creating a virtual wardrobe. Gone are the days of having to stand in front of a cupboard full of clothes to decide what to wear. With the virtual wardrobe you can do it all online then pull out only the pieces you need. On top of that there’s the benefit of being able to create an archive of all the clothes you have in various bags, boxes and rooms.

Shmotter is looking to take the whole virtual styling thing to another level by moving more heavily into the retailing space. They already get commission from every sale of clothes on the site, but word on the street is that they’re looking to partner with larger sites, like the super successful Net-A-Porter.

It’s an obvious next step and one that could help propel this startup from fun fashion site to serious web fashion player.

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