Remember The Milk Releases Latest iPhone App – Now With Smart Add

Remember The Milk Releases Latest iPhone App – Now With Smart Add

The latest version of the Remember The Milk iPhone app is now available on the App Store, the biggest addition in this version being support for “Smart Add“.

What that means is that you can now add tasks quickly and with as many properties as you like all in one line by using the Smart Add syntax e.g., “Pick up the milk tomorrow”, “Order stationery #work”, “Return books in 2 weeks @Library”, and more.

On top of that, Smart add saves you time by allowing contextual adding – e.g. tasks added to your today list will be due today, while tasks added to Smart Lists inherit their criteria. So, for instance, if your Smart List shows all your high priority tasks that are due today and located at the office (due:today AND location:office), any tasks added to this Smart List will automatically inherit all these properties.

It’s amazing how the team from RTM have managed to take something as mundane as task management and make the process incredibly simple and user-friendly. It’s also amazing that despite the best efforts of tech heavyweights like Microsoft and Google, RTM has managed to not be swallowed up but, rather, continues to be a market-leader through sheer usability and innovation.

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