SingTel’s new accelerator challenge aims to find the next big consumer and internet of things apps

SingTel’s new accelerator challenge aims to find the next big consumer and internet of things apps ...

Singapore-based operator SingTel has just launched an accelerator challenge as it embarks on a hunt to “incubate the next killer app for consumers, focusing on consumer lifestyle and the internet of things.”

Submissions are now open till September 21 for anyone across the world — you don’t have to submit the actual app itself but only fill in a form detailing the app idea and a business plan, as well as a demo video on how the app works. However, those who are based outside of Singapore and get their apps shortlisted have to make their way down for ‘Clinic Day’ and ‘Pitch Day’ on their own expense.

Other than the lure of cash prizes, winners of the challenge also get an opportunity to take part in a three-month incubation program to help fast-track the app to market. Out of these, eventually one will also be chosen to represent Singapore in another competition — the SingTel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge.

The apps you submit can either be compatible with iOS or Android, but the winner selected to represent Singapore eventually will have to support Android. Well, that’s likely because of Samsung.

This accelerator challenge is the first time SingTel is releasing key APIs for developers to embed telco functionality into their apps, including communication (SMS/MMS and location awareness), as well as payment (direct carrier billing and credit card services).

Meanwhile the regional app challenge is aimed at identifying startups with potential in Asia, after which SingTel will help to accelerate their development. Ultimately, the initiative is part of a larger collaboration between SingTel and Samsung to “increase smartphone penetration and the proliferation of mobile apps in the markets where members of the SingTel Group operate.”

Headline image via Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

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