Google alumni launch analytics startup Sparkline to mine data and provide insights for Asian businesses

Google alumni launch analytics startup Sparkline to mine data and provide insights for Asian businesses ...

Huge volumes of data are common in this time and age as people increasingly live out their lives on the Internet — but analyzing the data is a herculean task that companies find hard to tackle. According to IDC’s Digital Universe Study, less than one percent of the world’s data is being analyzed.

In Asia, a region which is seeing a rapid pickup in Internet access and in turn an explosion of data, three former Google alumni are out to capture this data and put it to good use by launching Sparkline today.

Sparkline sets out to mine data for insights that could improve a company’s business via customized data analytics and strategic solutions. It claims to be the first in Asia to do so (its closest competitors are Cardinal Path in the US and fifty-five in France) and is already advising companies such as Google, Malaysia Airlines and SingPost.

Previously the sixth person hired in Google’s Australia office and the first YouTube employee in the Asia Pacific region, Aleetza Senn co-founded Sparkline as she notes that many companies are not prepared to deal with the massive amount of data generated by their customers:

Data can provide valuable real-time insights into actual behaviour, and help companies better anticipate demand and better serve customers. But the data itself creates significant challenges – complexity, size, volume, speed – that many companies are not equipped to manage.

Julian Persaud, the managing director of Google Southeast Asia, notes: “Businesses hoping to make the most of the Web need to understand online behavior and digital analytics.”

As companies try to boost their online businesses, Sparkline’s focus on data is well-placed to help them figure out how to do so. For example, online bookings on hotel room booking site Amari rose 47 percent after Sparkline analyzed its data and advised it to reallocate its marketing budget.

By targeting Asia first and foremost, where data analytics is still a relatively new concept, Sparkline has plenty of room to grow — and its Google background likely stands it in good stead as well.

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