North Korea has a tablet. There’s no Wi-Fi connectivity, but it comes with Angry Birds

North Korea has a tablet. There’s no Wi-Fi connectivity, but it comes with Angry Birds

North Korea is better known for its erratic approach to diplomacy than innovation in consumer technology, but that hasn’t stopped its domestic companies from manufacturing the odd gadget here and there. Now, the folks at North Korea Tech have posted an in-depth review of the Samijyon, a made-in-North Korea Android tablet that was purchased by a tourist for $200.

According to the tourist (who is known only as “Michael”), the tablet is “surprisingly impressive,” with hardware specs that can compete with the best that Samsung and Apple have to offer.

Despite how there’s seemingly no way to enable a Wi-Fi connection (ordinary citizens in North Korea don’t have access to the Internet), users can connect to the country’s nationwide Intranet.

And while the Android tablet has no official Google apps like Gmail or Google Play, there does appear to be two pre-installed “Defense Games,” along with a likely-pirated version of Angry Birds Rio.


What’s even more fascinating is that the tablet apparently comes pre-installed with “Juche Study Books,” indicating that Samijyon has thrown in a heathy dose of Kim-Il Sung’s political theory alongside other apps.

If you’re a North Korea watcher then head over to North Korea Tech right now, as the piece features a video demonstration that is an absolute must-see. Despite some modest beginnings, maybe some day we’ll see giant Samijyon billboards next to Samsung Galaxy S4 ads.

Image Credit: Ed Jones via AFP/Getty Images

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