Charted: 70 deals and exits from Indonesia’s fast-growing startup scene

Charted: 70 deals and exits from Indonesia’s fast-growing startup scene

Regular readers will be aware that we tend to shy away from publishing infographics here at The Next Web — however, there are sometimes exceptions, such as this very informative chart pulled together by the folks at tech-investment advisory firm Redwing Asia.

Indonesia is developing into a real hotbed of tech and talent in Southeast Asia, thanks to a sizable population of 240 million which has adopted social media in large numbers and with great enthusiasm — Indonesia is said to be the world’s fourth largest Facebook ‘nation’, and Twitter’s fifth largest market, for example.

E-commerce has proven to be a successful model for many online startups in Indonesia (just like other markets in Southeast Asia) since it helps produce revenue from day one, which is crucial given the infrequency and low-value of many early-stage deals.

Recent funding for Tokopedia, Bilna, Berrybenka, Telunjuk and others backs that up — and already the 18 investments in 2013 to date is higher than the total number for 2011, and closing in on the 20 investments made during 2012.

Redwing Asia extracts a few initial points of interest, noting that while Indonesia and Singaporean investors account for some two-thirds of deals based on numbers, Western investors “dominate” the total value of investments.

The consultancy is also seeing fewer seed investments and more first and second round investments, which is to be expected as the startup community in the country develops. Likewise, investors are looking for long-term commitments since the number of acquisitions has fallen.

Here’s the data, which covers more than 70 of Indonesian’s biggest deals in recent years. Unfortunately there is no mention of deal valuations, but, since many are undisclosed, that isn’t necessarily Redwing Asia’s fault. The company is promising further analysis, so keep an eye on its blog for more.

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