Booking app HotelQuickly announces launch of Blackberry app as it targets Indonesia and corporate world

Booking app HotelQuickly announces launch of Blackberry app as it targets Indonesia and corporate world ...

Last-minute hotel booking app HotelQuickly announced today the release of its Blackberry app, as it works toward a more thorough roll-out in Indonesia and targets corporate customers.

Its iOS and Android app launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia back in March, offering its users discounted hotel rooms for last-minute bookings. It then expanded in 5 more countries, including Australia and New Zealand last month.

“Making the app available to as many users as possible is an enabler to create sustainable demand,” HotelQuickly said in a press release, explaining that the company’s offering of a native BlackBerry app would help reach more users in Indonesia, which is one of BlackBerry’s strongest markets.

BlackBerry Z10 users can download the app for free from the BlackBerry World store. The app will be officially launched at tech conference Echelon 2013 in Singapore in a few hours, and will also be featured on the BlackBerry World Store throughout this week.

Johan Kremer, the head of Alliances and Business Development SEA at Research In Motion, said BlackBerry is “convinced” that business travelers will take up the concept of same-day hotel booking in order to save on time and costs.

HotelQuickly, which offers its service for mobile only, also said it would be updating its iOS and Android app this week with a streamlined payment gateway.

Within just a couple of months of its launch, the company has so far attracted 75,000 app downloads and has hotels available for booking in more than 40 destinations across Asia-Pacific. The latest introduction of its BlackBerry app is likely to consolidate its reach across all three main smartphone platforms, enabling it to capture a wider audience to boost its numbers further.

Two of HotelQuickly’s five co-founders are alumni of the notorious German incubator Rocket Internet; Christian Mischler used to be COO of Foodpanda, while Raphael Cohen was Managing Director of Foodpanda Vietnam and DropGifts Singapore.

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