Interactive video platform Videogram launches an Android app

Interactive video platform Videogram launches an Android app

Android users who are avid video viewers now have cause for cheer – the interactive video platform Videogram, which even Jennifer Lopez took to releasing her new music video on earlier this week, has launched on Google Play.

The startup behind Videogram, Tokyo-headquartered Cinemacraft, has introduced the Android version following closely after its iOS launch last month.

However, Videogram for Android doesn’t have the same functionality as the iOS app. Cinemacraft CEO and founder Sandeep Casi said this is so the company can “launch these features exclusively in the near future with telcos.”

“This will provide differentiation from what is available on Google Play versus telco-controlled Android stores,” he said.

The 500 startups-backed firm started its Videogram service last November, and has since collaborated with Sony Pictures to promote Battle of the Year, a movie due in cinemas September 13.

Besides J-Lo, other celebrities including Christian Milian, have also caught on to using Videogram.

The video platform breaks content up into clickable and embeddable pictorial summaries, and users can share specific clips to social networks including Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. (See J-Lo’s “Live It Up” music video below.)

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