You know who else is throwing Google Reader users a lifeline? Yahoo Japan

You know who else is throwing Google Reader users a lifeline? Yahoo Japan

Ever since Google announced that it will open the gates of hell terminate its free Google Reader service in a few months, many alternative RSS subscription service providers have stepped up to let the people of the world know that they can swiftly escape Satan’s wrath switch to them instead (or in some cases, switch to them at some point in the future).

All kidding aside, it certainly looks like many people will be missing Google Reader, myself included, so it’s always good to know there are alternatives.

Cue Yahoo Japan, which has just announced that it built a tool that helps users, in ‘three easy steps’, export their Google Reader feeds and iGoogle data and pump them straight into My Yahoo (which is kinda like iGoogle, another free service Google will be killing soon, too).


You have to appreciate the illustrations that are used on the ‘switch from Google Reader to My Yahoo’ page, which makes Yahoo Japan seem nothing if not a walled garden – only without a garden.


Users need a Yahoo Japan ID and can only import up to 300 feeds.

Just for the record: Yahoo Japan is a joint venture between Japanese Internet company SoftBank (35.45%) and Yahoo (34.74%).

Yahoo Japan originally went live nearly 17 years (!) ago.

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