Hulu subscribers in Japan can now tune in via Apple TV

Hulu subscribers in Japan can now tune in via Apple TV

It’s one year since US streaming giant Hulu landed in Japan, much to the chagrin of the rest of us in Asia still waiting for access, and to celebrate that landmark, the company has made its service available on Apple TVs in the country.

Hulu did, of course, recently enable that feature in the US in a move that boosts the potential of the 2 million subscriber-strong service, which is already on 7 Android tablets and Nintendo’s Wii.

That Apple tie-in in the US had global ramifications and, following the switch on, Apple TV owners outside of the country enjoyed access to the service through their TV set using a US-registered iTunes account. This utopia was short-lived and within 24 hours non-US residents lost the precious ability to stream content using this formula. Back to square one.

That’s not the case for those in Japan. Apple TV owners that are not currently on Hulu are being offered a one month trial of the service — which is usually just two weeks long — in a bid to persuade them to part with their cash.

It’s worth pointing out Japan isn’t just playing catch-up on the US and Hulu users there do get access to a bunch of content that isn’t available in North America.

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