Twitter’s Japanese partner Digital Garage buys Photozou from Zynga Japan

Twitter’s Japanese partner Digital Garage buys Photozou from Zynga Japan

Digital Garage, Inc, the company that creates portals for many western sites in Japan has acquired the Photozou [jp] photo sharing service from Zynga Japan.

Photozou, was founded in 2005 and is one of Japan’s largest photo sharing services. It has around 2.4 million members and a cumulative upload of about 130 million photos as of March 2012.

The service is a bit like Flickr. It’s free, with no limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded, about 150,000 images are uploaded every day at present.

Photozou has a statement up today pointing to changes in its terms of service and privacy policy which reflect the shift in management.

According to a statement on the Digital Garage site, the company will develop a communication service linked with a variety of media offered by the Digital Garage Group, built around the photo sharing capability of Photozou.

As the first step, Digital Garage is planning to collaborate with Twinavi (Japan’s Twitter portal) and a social media scrapbook service called Memolane, with which Digital Garage is in partnership.

The statement also points to development for Photozou’s operation outside of Japan in collaboration with its subsidiary New Context in California, USA. Digital Garage is also Twitter’s partner in Japan, so it makes sense to pick up Photozou and integrate it with its existing suite of services.

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