LinkedIn follows Twitter and Facebook with how-to guide for Japanese users

LinkedIn follows Twitter and Facebook with how-to guide for Japanese users

LinkedIn is following a tried and tested method for increasing user numbers and activity in Japan, after it launched a ‘Navi” site, aka online how-to guide, to demonstrate how the country’s Internet users can benefit from the professional networking site.

The website is a fully Japanese service that demonstrates all the intricacies and features of the service, as Tech In Asia reports.

The approach is one that Facebook ( and Twitter ( is no longer online) have used in the past to fully explain how the sites work, as (at their respective times of launch) there were no equivalent services in Japanese cyberspace.

LinkedIn launched an office in Japan and a locally translated version of its service last October after initially partnering with local firm Digital Garage – which acts as Twitter’s partner in Japan – to prepare its entry.

The company has taken significant steps in Asia over the past twelve months and it now has more than 25 million members across the region, of which Indonesia accounts for 1 million alone, having launched an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore in May.

LinkedIn is picking up users at impressive rates across the region, such as Indonesia where it is outpacing Facebook, thanks to the fact that its service is a new experience for many Web users in Asia. However in Japan it still has less than 500,000 registered members.

The company will be hoping that its Navi, and other in-country initiatives, can help it follow in the footsteps of Twitter, which has found mainstream attention, and Facebook, which doubled its userbase in Japan over the last six months.

For those who are curious, the video from the Navi is embedded below, but you can go ahead and see the full selection of info at the site here, which is in Japanese, of course.

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