New pan-Asia office could kickstart IBM’s investment in Singapore

New pan-Asia office could kickstart IBM’s investment in Singapore

IBM has officially unveiled a new pan-Asia regional services office in Singapore, which could be the first of a number of investments in the country as it looks to develop its operations in the region, according to a report from Channel News Asia.

The Services Integration Hub, which is located at the Changi Business Park and has been operational since January, is helping to introduce best practices and more efficient services in Asia. The services run from the premises include a fraud management system for the insurance industry and a consumer insight management system designed for the banking sector.

IBM is confident that the new operations are reducing the time taken to deliver services to customers by up to 50 percent, thanks to the new processes, as Janet Ang, managing director of IBM Singapore, explains:

It is taking assets, processes, methodologies to help our clients especially where skills are lacking to achieve the consistency, the quality as well as time to market and time to value.

The unveiling of the office, which is thought to be staffed by “several hundred employees”, is significant as it could pave the way for future investment in Singapore and the surrounding region.

Singapore has long been home to established technology players like IBM and Microsoft, but the last couple of years have seen a number of the Internet’s most influential firms come to the country too. Facebook, Google and LinkedIn are just some of the companies to have set up shop in Singapore to help tap the potential in Asia.

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