Twitter now supports Japanese hashtags

Twitter now supports Japanese hashtags

Twitter finally announced in a blog post its official support for Japanese hashtags.

Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. By adding the # symbol before a word, it automatically creates a link to search results for that keyword to help users find tweets about the same topic.

According to Asiajin, Japanese characters aren’t typically separated by spaces so users will have to insert extra spaces or punctuation marks before and after the hashtag.

Japan was the first country to be appointed an International country manager by the US-based microblogging company. Twitter use boomed in the country more recently as Japanese citizens and media agencies took to the service to spread news of the earthquake and tsunami, after it knocked out more traditional forms of communication.

While the feature is already available on the Twitter website, we have yet to see it on non-Japanese Twitter clients, including the official Twitter app.

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