Motorola launches ATRIX smartphone in Malaysia

Motorola launches ATRIX smartphone in Malaysia

Motorola Mobility has announced that the Motorola ATRIX will be available at Malaysian retailers beginning 17 June 2011 at a price of RM 1,999. The ATRIX is Motorola’s Android smartphone with a netbook-sized dock that allows users to run Android applications on an 11.6″ screen.

In addition to a larger screen the dock features a full keyboard, track pad, stereo speakers, and 36Wh three-cell battery that delivers up to eight hours of battery life. The ATRIX itself packs in a dual core 1GhZ processor, 1GB of RAM, a qHD display and 16GB of storage. The phone ships with Android 2.2.

The Motorola HD Multimedia Dock, which has an HDMI port and the typing-friendly Lapdock are both sold separately. You can see which retailers in Malaysia are carrying the ATRIX here.

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