Chinese photo-sharing app for Android surpasses Instagram

Chinese photo-sharing app for Android surpasses Instagram

Camera360, an Android photo-sharing app that pretty much functions like Instagram, has reportedly reached 6 million users globally, half of which are from China, in just 12 months since launch.

TechNode has predicted before that the app, developed by Chengdu-based startup PinGuo Digital Entertainment, can be much better than Instagram with its robust selection of effects, filters and quick processing. True enough, judging from the user figures, Camera360 has already surpassed Instagram, whose iPhone user base is at 4.25 million.

What worked for Camera360 compared to the other Instagram-clones in China is that it focused more on its image processing capabilities rather than simply copying the “social” framework of Instagram. While Mr.Xu admits that sharing is indeed “the trend of the future,” he believes that social networks should only be formed once there’s a large enough user base and content for the users to be active enough in.

Mr. Xu also announced that an iPhone version is coming very soon, which includes new features such as one hand sidelight control, fast continuous capture modes at around 180 shoots per min, and multi-camera, among others.

It’s too early to say that Camera360 is indeed better than Instagram but I’m very excited myself to give the iPhone version a try. Maybe when the playing field has evened out (eg. Instagram gets an Android version) we can tell which one is the superior photo-sharing app.

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