Baidu to partner with Microsoft, challenge Google outside China

Baidu to partner with Microsoft, challenge Google outside China

Baidu and Microsoft may expand their partnership to offer English-language search results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine for queries on Baidu made in English, according to an industry source cited by Marbridge Consulting.

Baidu senior VP Haoyu Shen told Bloomberg that the two companies “won’t rule out” expanding on their existing collaboration, but refused to reveal other details. This partnership may be Baidu’s catalyst to speed up its overseas expansion. It seems like the Chinese search giant is ready to challenge Google in foreign lands, after the Beijing-based company overcame competition from Google to dominate in China.

Shen adds that Baidu is developing products in 12 foreign languages, without giving any indication when they will be rolled out. While it is unlikely that Baidu is going to be a “Google-killer,” having substantial experience in providing search and other online services will certainly make it a force to be reckoned with.

According to another industry source, Microsoft and Shanghai MSN Network Communications Technology will be responsible for operating Bing in China.

Baidu holds a 75.8 percent market share in China, while Microsoft Bing has less than 1 percent, according to research company Analysys International.

Baidu currently ranks 29th in The World’s Top 100 Brands.

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