Rovio ties up with Chinese gaming portal to bring Angry Birds to China

Rovio ties up with Chinese gaming portal to bring Angry Birds to China

Rovio Mobile has partnered with China-based mobile gaming portal, DownJoy, to give Chinese players a new avenue to download official versions of the hit series: Angry Birds.

PC World reports that free, ad-supported versions of Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, and the original Angry Birds will be offered via DownJoy’s special Angry Birds site:

Although the game has been available in Apple’s App Store already, Downjoy is the first authorized marketplace in China to distribute and market Angry Birds for Android devices, which can be downloaded directly from the site. iPhone and iPad users will be directed to the official iTunes store.

Downjoy spokeswoman Liang Shuang said in a statement:

“In the past, other platforms that offered the Angry Birds game were all bootleg versions, but with this, Downjoy has worked through Rovio to provide an authorized official version of the game.”

Looking ahead, Rovio reportedly plans on setting up a team in China to help develop Angry Birds games for the local market, according to an earlier interview with the company’s chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka.

The partnership is part of Rovio’s strategy to achieve 100 million downloads of its Angry Birds game in China, recognizing the market opportunity after witnessing 10 million of its 140 million downloads of the game from the country.

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