HTC commits to improving user experience, even if it impacts its market share

HTC commits to improving user experience, even if it impacts its market share

HTC President in China, Ren Weiguang, revealed the company’s core strategy in the country: to focus on delivering the best user experience, even if it comes at the expense of market share.

HTC, the president said, has positioned itself as a high-end brand and will focus on providing the best user experience and value-added services, like, to be the drivers of success for the company.

Although HTC has already been gaining momentum in the international market, it has yet to perform as well in local markets including Taiwan and China. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s new president of China operations, Ren Weiguang, told the local press that the “market share is almost negligible.”

To achieve this, there will naturally be a higher requirement on the hardware configuration, which is the reason why the company opts to focus less on low-end phones.

HTC will also be implementing a global price system to keep dealer prices consistent worldwide and keep the gray market within reach. In addition, it will cooperate with operators to customize the models and offer subsidies to reduce the price of the handsets. A specific strategy in China will be the introduction models that are designed specifically for the Chinese market, and will not launch in other countries.

China is a huge market for HTC, with over 879 million subscribers. It’s a very interesting strategy for the Taiwanese manufacturer to offer premium phones as its core strategy, compared to Android’s global strategy to tap into the grassroots with budget smartphones.

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