Tencent launches Facebook Connect clone called QQ Login

Tencent launches Facebook Connect clone called QQ Login

Tencent, one of China’s biggest Internet portals, has recently launched its own version of Facebook Connect called QQ Login. Using this service, third party websites can now offer quick, hassle-free registration and login, while tapping the Internet giant’s existing 637 million QQ users.

Users who are familiar with Facebook Connect need no introduction as QQ Login works pretty much the same. As explained in Tencent’s developer website, the service enables users to use their QQ accounts to gain access to third party sites, greatly reducing the time it takes for users to register and login, and at the same time provides a real-time, seamless synchronization of user information and data. It also allows users to share comments on third party websites, with the option to likewise share it on Tencent’s flagship social network, Qzone.

Being available only in Chinese, QQ Login suffers from a lack of support for international users. However, given the sheer number of Internet users in the country, most Chinese websites could very well benefit from the convenience of the service. Popular Western social networks like Facebook and Twitter also offer the same feature, but are still blocked in the country, which makes QQ Login the only option for most Chinese websites, at least for now.

Once again, it’s China’s “copy first, innovate later” strategy in play here. What’s next? QQ comments?

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