Asus reportedly in talks with Tencent to carry a WebQQ Tablet OS

Asus reportedly in talks with Tencent to carry a WebQQ Tablet OS

Back in 2010, Tencent revealed a simulation of its web-OS designed for Tablets called WebQQ and if rumors are to be believed, the company is already building a strategic partnership with Asus for new EeePads to carry a standalone version of the operating system.

ChinaZ reports that Tencent and Asus are in a strategic partnership to introduce the QQ operating system to the latter’s latest Tablet PC, the EeePad. The source said that the two companies have already entered into research and development and will soon have the new products available. It is believed that Tencent’s WebQQ will formally be launched as WebQQ2.0 within the second half of the year as a standalone operating system.

There are no comments from both parties so far.

Upon launch, it will contain more than 1,700 applications that will work similarly and have the same interface as the recently introduced QQ for Pad, the Android application that bundles QQMail, QZone, QQ Weibo and other third-party plugins.

Technode predicts that the new operating system will be cloud-based and will work like Google’s yet-to-be-released Chrome OS. Aside from integrating Tencent’s QQ services, it also comes with cloud applications such as QQ Cloud Input application and QQ Cloud dictionary, among others.

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