Airtel to bring Internet TV to India

Airtel to bring Internet TV to India

Bharti Airtel, the biggest telecommunications company in India, is all set to launch its Broadband TV service next week that would allow users to watch local television channels using the Internet, without the need for any external hardware.

Airtel’s Broadband TV will require an Airtel broadband connection to be able to watch live television over the Internet. Broadband TV will also work on Wi-Fi networks and the consumer will not be charged for the data consumed in accessing the television content. However, if a subscriber accesses Broadband TV on a non-Airtel broadband connection, normal data charges will be applied. Airtel will launch the service with 28 live, 19 video on demand (VoD) channels and 12 movies for Rs. 99 per month. There will be a special monthly offer of Rs. 49 for users who want to access the service between 9 pm and 9 am.

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We can expect Airtel’s Broadband TV to include more channels and movie options in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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